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This is an old archived post from my former blog The Idea Shower. It's where I cataloged my product explorations and releases, one of which ultimately became Pocket.

This post was published back in 2012. It may not function as originally intended or may be missing images.

Weather Permitting: Iceland

October 27, 2012

In September, my wife and I packed up our photo gear and headed to Iceland for 10 days to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Of the 10 days we were there, it rained for 7 days, with cloud cover for 8 days. We set out in the cold, wind and rain to capture as much of Iceland as we could. As the weather made shooting difficult, "Weather permitting" quickly became the theme of our trip.

Even with the weather, there was nothing but awe for Iceland. It's an amazing place. Every 5 minutes we'd come across new terrain, textures, and colors. This was my effort at trying to capture all of the unique landscapes that Iceland has to offer.

After a few non-serious attempts playing around with a homemade time-lapse dolly, this is my first complete time-lapse video, which includes a mix of time-lapse, long exposure, and video footage.

Music: Zack Hemsey - I'll Find a Way (
Camera: Canon 5dmkII
Lenses: Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
Dolly: Dynamic Perception Stage Zero