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This is an old archived post from my former blog The Idea Shower. It's where I cataloged my product explorations and releases, one of which ultimately became Pocket.

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Another Batch of Read It Later Updates!

July 30, 2008

The Big Ones:

Online Access - Manage your list online, in any browser or mobile device.  In Safari, Internet Explorer, or an iPhone.  Click the 'Access Anywhere' link at the top of your reading list for more.

Search - The tag dropdown has been replaced with a search-as-you-type field.  It will search through the titles, urls, and tags of the items in your Reading List. Suggested By: Zeke, Praveen

Auto-Syncing - For those of you who forgot to sync your reading list before heading home after work, now you won't have to.  If you are using sync, Read It Later will automatically sync your list in the background after starting up and every few hours afterwards. Suggested By: bds, James, Rob, How to Geek

More Options to Customize Read It Later:

Improved Options screen - The options dialog got a revamp and brings better organization to your preferences.

Unread Items Counter - View the number of items in your reading list. Suggested By: the non hacker, rayphua

Auto Mark as Read - You can now set Read It Later to mark pages as read after opening them. Suggested By: Wayne, the non hacker, Sergio Santos

Auto Tags - Set custom tags to be added to every page you save. Suggested By: Raydancer, Ken

Click to Save Button - An optional button can be added to your status bar to activate Click to Save Mode without a keyboard shortcut. Suggested By: Wayne, Todd

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts - You can now customize your keyboard shortcuts to any combo you like, not just ALT. Suggested By: Mike Harris

The Small Stuff:

Read Offline Improvements - When you are offline, items that have not been saved for offline viewing will appear dimmed out. Suggested By: Praveen

Empty Titles - Pages without titles will be replaced with their url. Suggested By: Dan Gale Rosen

More Languages - With help of the translation team (made up entirely of Read It Later users), Read It Later is continuing to be localized in more and more languages.  Want to help?

Where to Get This Version (0.9810)

Get Read It Later!

What's Next?

Read It Later will officially be striped of it's Beta suffix after one more big set of updates.  I'm very excited for what I've got planned in the coming update, it will take Read It Later full circle.