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This is an old archived post from my former blog The Idea Shower. It's where I cataloged my product explorations and releases, one of which ultimately became Pocket.

This post was published back in 2008. It may not function as originally intended or may be missing images.

New Updates to Intwition

April 28, 2008

I've made some new updates to the recently launched Twitter tool Intwition.

Story Titles

The first update was the biggest request: To resolve page titles, rather than just showing urls in the popular lists.  If you peek at the homepage and New Item Finder you'll see this now in action.

Stories That Come to You

Second, you can now have items that reach 'popular' status sent to you via Twitter.  Just follow @Intwition and whenever a new story crops up, it'll show up in your public timeline. Also note you can also subscribe to the RSS for popular items.

Better Spam Filtering

With anything of this nature, spam happens.  I've been tuning the algorithm to remove this from appearing on the home page and I've been having some good success.  There is still one big part I need to add to it, but you should not see much spam on the front page for now.

As always, your suggestions are greatly appreciated!