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This is an old archived post from my former blog The Idea Shower. It's where I cataloged my product explorations and releases, one of which ultimately became Pocket.

This post was published back in 2008. It may not function as originally intended or may be missing images.

Who I Met This Week

February 29, 2008

One of the greatest things about what I'm doing is that I get to meet some really nice people along the way. Not to mention, I'm quickly discovering that the single most important part of success is 'who you know'.

To that vein and in an effort to find more ways to give back to subscribers, I'm starting a new weekly series called 'Who I Met This Week'.

So if you read the Idea Shower and haven't introduced yourself yet, drop me a line!

Note: I will say this first installment will actually include some people I met earlier than this week just to catch up.

Kevin Xu - from Can The World Hear Me

I credit Kevin with being one of the first fans of the Idea Shower. It's hard to find an early post that he didn't comment on and his initial interest was a great motivation when I started.

Kevin, and his partner Josh, run a site called Can the World Hear Me and it's soul is very close to the Idea Shower. Their goal is to well, let the world hear them and their ideas.

He's much farther ahead than when I was his age. Keep an eye on Kevin, he's off to a good start.

Harley Witt - World Learning Tree

Harley runs the website the World Learning Tree. He has ambitious plans to offer education through new web technologies. I like the approach he has of experimenting with tools and services and applying them in new ways.

Mark O'Neil - MakeUseOf and Better Than Therapy

Mark writes for the rapidly growing blog, as well as his own. Mark and MakeUseOf have a solid collection of tips, websites, and tools daily. All good stuff.

Jeff Buzz - Buzz My Blog

Jeff is the force behind Buzz My Blog. Buzz My Blog is a blog about blogging. But more importantly it's about the blogger behind it. Jeff brings a personal touch to his site and the blogging tips that he offers.

More importantly, Jeff is the inspiration for this new weekly series. He just recently launched an weekly initiative on his blog where he features a Buzz My Blog follower's site every week. I thought it was great to see a site give back to it's users and he got me thinking on how I could do that too.

And you?

Who'd you meet this week?